Bell Student Leadership Symposium

Bell Student Leadership Symposium

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The Bell Symposium is an event dedicated to the development of UNC leaders through a day long, conference styled program. The goal is to encourage and empower students to be the change they would like to see in the world through leadership development and social innovation!  This year the theme of the the annual Bell Student Leadership Symposium is Next Level: Achieving Carolina Excellence.  

Students who participate in the Bell Leadership Symposium will:

  • Be engaged by several campus and community speakers on ways to develop their leadership skills
  • Connect and engage with students that share similar interest to begin activating some of their individual ideas as a collective
  • Have an opportunity to put their leadership into practice though real world examples that are impacting the community around them.
  • Gain strategies that will equip them to best tackle the challenges of tomorrow, today!

Registration for the 2019 Bell Leadership Symposium is now live on Heel Life.  RSVP HERE if you are interested in developing your leadership skills and creating ways to strategically tackle campus and/or societal issues that you care about.  Registration closes on Monday, September 16, 2019.