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The 4th annual (virtual) Bell Student Leadership Symposium took place on Saturday October 24th, 2020 from 8:30a-1:30p . This virtual retreat was the final event of SLL’s “Leadership Week 2020” and further connects to the “Leadership in a Digital Age” theme. 

The Bell Symposium is an event dedicated to the development of UNC leaders through a day long, conference-styled program. The goal is to encourage and empower students to be the change they would like to see in the world through leadership development and social innovation! The Symposium features a diverse line up of presenters and workshop topics, headlined by international speaker, Adobe Creative Residency alumna, and award-winning infographic designer, Jessica Bellamy, and a keynote address from Kat Downs Mulder, UNC alumna and Director of Product and Product Design at The Washington Post. 

Attendees at the Bell Student Leadership Symposium (and other parts of Leadership Week) are automatically entered into a raffle to win UNC gear as well as tech products such as a Google Home and a Carolina Mens' Basketball Jersey! The more events you attend, the better your chances to win!


Other leadership week events included:


10/19 Creating Your Leadership Philosophy

10/20 Wellness, Gone Viral

10/21 Spotting Fake News

10/22 Understanding Diverse Digital Audiences in Communication

10/23 High-Impact Social Media Outreach: Lessons From Black Lives Matter




Students who participate in the Bell Leadership Symposium will:

  • Be engaged by several campus and community speakers on ways to develop their leadership skills.
  • Connect and engage with students that share similar interest to begin activating some of their individual ideas as a collective.
  • Have an opportunity to put their leadership into practice though real world examples that are impacting the community around them.
  • Gain strategies that will equip them to best tackle the challenges of tomorrow!


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