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Through peer education, campus outreach, and survivor support, the Delta Advocate program unifies the sorority and fraternity community in preventing sexual and interpersonal violence and providing an empathetic and informed response to survivors. Delta Advocates provide a non-judgmental environment where their peers can freely discuss their experiences with and the impacts of sexual and interpersonal violence, and serve as a connection to support and reporting resources on campus and in the community. Delta Advocates collaborate with campus and community partners to ensure that chapters are involved in bringing interpersonal violence prevention to the wider campus. The Delta Advocate program engages the fraternity and sorority community in open and meaningful dialogue around interpersonal and sexual violence and empowers our members to be active participants in creating a safer and more supportive fraternity and sorority community at Carolina.

What Are Delta Advocates?

Delta Advocates** are women and women-identified students in the Greek community trained to provide an empathetic and informed response for survivors of gender-based violence or harassment. Non-judgmental and supportive, they provide an opportunity for those who have experienced or have been impacted by gender-based violence or harassment to freely discuss their experiences. As peers and friends, Delta Advocates can connect students to support resources and reporting options on campus and in the community. Please read below for more information, and visit our page on Heel Life.

Delta Advocates also collaborate with campus and community partners to engage the campus in outreach, education, and prevention efforts. They strive to empower students to be active participants in creating a safer and more supportive Greek community at Carolina.

**Delta Advocates are not a confidential resource under University Policy and are expected to share information about any incidents of gender-based violence or harassment with the Gender Violence Services Coordinators (GVSCs), who are professional University staff and serve as a confidential resource. Seeking assistance from a Delta Advocate does not notify the Equal Opportunity and Compliance office or the police of an incident.

Members from chapters in the Panhellenic Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the Greek Alliance Council are welcome to participate in the Delta Advocates program.

Delta Advocates Training

All Delta Advocates are required to complete two University sponsored trainings: HAVEN survivor support training and One Act for Greeks bystander intervention training. Delta Advocates apply and are selected during the fall semester and attend a training retreat at the beginning of the spring semester. They receive additional bi-weekly training and education throughout the spring and fall semesters.


If you'd like more information about the program, please contact a member of the Delta Advocates Leadership Team:

Cassidy Johnson: Gender Violence Services Coordinator, Carolina Women’s Center

Holly Lovern: Gender Violence Services Coordinator, Carolina Women’s Center

Viviane Linos: Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life and Community Involvement, Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life and Community Involvement

Cassie Thomas: Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Rebecca Gibson: Report and Response Coordinator, Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office

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