Fraternity and Sorority Life Policies

This page contains  Policies, Procedures, and Standards applicable to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at UNC Chapel Hill.  Additional policies can be found on the UNC Policies website.


Chapel Hill Policies

University Policies

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life Policies

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Judicial Boards

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prides itself on promotion of student self-governance and students holding one another accountable for their actions.  The Fraternity and Sorority Judicial system is made up of four different councils that each have their own judicial processes.  The boards hear incidents involving fraternity and sorority chapters.  Individual members inappropriate behavior is adjudicated by the Honor Court and or their respective chapter's internal judicial/standards board.  The boards authority currently extends to the following types of issues: violations of council constitutions, violations of recruitment/intake rules, violations of the Fraternity and Sorority Alcohol and Hazing Policies.  The boards may also exercise authority over the following but may choose to mediate these matters rather than levy sanctions: incidents involving defacing or decorating private property, noise complaints/violations, disputes between chapters or acts of violence and other issues voted on collectively or separately by the IFC, PHC, NPHC or GAC Councils.