Chapter Excellence Awards

Chapter Excellence Awards

DEADLINE APPROACHING! The 2019 Chapter Excellence Awards will cover the spring and fall 2018 semesters. Applications are due electronically to by 5 PM on February 8, 2019. In the subject line of your email, please include: Awards Application- Chapter Name/Organization Name.

The Chapter Excellence Ceremony was founded in 1995 to honor the excellent work of fraternities and sororities in the pursuit of their founding principles.  Chapters are recognized for their accomplishments over the course of an entire calendar year in order to show continuity and consistency among the organizations and to provide more meaningful rewards for the recipients.

Fraternities and sororities were founded upon four basic principles: scholarship, community service, campus involvement, and sisterhood/brotherhood/siblinghood. The Chapter Excellence Awards have rewarded chapters and individual student leaders and advisors for embracing these principles.

Please see the attached documents for the CEA presentations from 2013-2017.

For more information please visit: Chapter Excellence Awards Application