The Carolina Union is home to events of all kinds, and we’ve got the right venue for almost any kind of gathering you have in mind. Explore spaces within the Carolina Union below, or download a list of all spaces we reserve on campus here: PDF iconES Reservable Spaces.pdf 

Carolina Union Meeting Rooms (50+)

Room 2420 Room 3205
Room 2423 Room 3206 A
Room 2518 A Room 3206 A | B
Room 2518 A | B Room 3209
Room 3203 Room 3408
Room 3409 Room 3411


Carolina Union Meeting Rooms (Less than 50)

Room 2418 Room 3201
Room 2422 Room 3206 B
Room 2424 Room 3407
Room 2502 Room 3502
Room 2510 Room 3503
Room 2511 Room 3509
Room 2518 B Room 3515
Room 3102  






Special Auditoriums

The Auditorium  The Great Hall


Lobbies and Lounges

  Art Gallery  Class of 2000 Lounge  

Great Hall Lobby  West Lounge


Outdoor Spaces

The Gift Plaza  The Pit  Solicitation Tables

SASB Courtyard  Davis Courtyard   Lenior Grounds


Other Campus Venues

The Carolina Union also manages reservations for venues across campus. Download a list of all spaces we reserve on campus here PDF iconES Reservable Spaces.pdf or check out the partial list is below:

General Purpose Classrooms: Bingham, Carolina, Carroll, Chapman, Dey, Genome Science, Hanes, Hanes Arts Center, Howell, Manning, Mitchell, Murphey, Peabody, Phillips, Wilson

Housing Courtyards: Connor Beach, Connor Lawn, Hinton-James Courtyard, Hinton-James Lawn, Hinton-James Tennis Courts, Kenan Quad, Morrison Basketball Court, Old Campus Alderman Quad, Old Campus Lower Quad, Old Campus Upper Quad, Parker Dorm Rear, Teague Grill/Basketball, Rams Plaza

Facilities Spaces: Polk 1-14, McCorkle Place, Bell Tower, Bell Tower Amphitheater, 

Other: Rams Plaza




Event Services

Hours: M–F, 9:00am–5:00pm
Room: 3103
Phone: (919) 966-3832