Department ActiviTV (Digital Signage) Request

Department ActiviTV (Digital Signage) Request
Chartfield String Information

Prior to submitting this request, we recommend checking your chartfield information in the University tracker tool,, to ensure the information submitted is valid and that we are able to proceed with your project.

Upload Files

Note: To prevent distorted ad images, all required pixel sizes are: 1920(w) x 1080(h), must have 72 DPI resolution, and max 80mb. If you request CCS to resize your ad, a $15 - $25 resize fee will be charged.

Terms and Conditions

All officially recognized student organizations and University departments who wish to advertise on ActiviTV must agree to the following terms: The terms of this agreement shall commence on the date set forth in a written agreement, and shall continue through the period specified on the CCS Request Form. CCS and/or client may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, by giving client or CCS written notice of termination. Termination will be effective immediately. Client is responsible for paying CCS for any partial ad campaigns that have aired on ActiviTV, as well as any applicable design fees. Client may either request that CCS create their ad and pay applicable design fees, or they may provide their own ad with the following specifications: Size: 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, 72 dpi, max 80mb Format: png, gif, jpg, or jpeg only (no Powerpoint, Word, or PDF files please) Requests for CCS services must be made at least one week before the requested air date of the ad or be subject to a last minute design fee (see Fees below).