ActiviTV screen

Our ActiviTV digital signage screens are located throughout Carolina Union, and give you an opportunity to place your message at one of UNC's most prominent locations, visible to the thousands of students and members of the community who pass through our building. There are seven high-definition screens located on the first and second floors of the Union where your message can loop continuously. We sell advertising space in one-week blocks -- visit our requests page to book your ad or announcement!

Need messaging help? We can also help you design and craft the perfect message for our screens. It's a great way to give your organization and/or event major exposure.


Run Fees

Student Organization, Still Ad


Student Organization, Motion Ad


University Department, Still Ad


University Department, Motion Ad


*Four weeks of run time for the price of three
*Discounted long-term rotation packages available. Email to inquire.

Design Fees

Student Organizations

$25.00 per ad

University Departments

$50.00 per ad

Resizing Fee

$15.00 per ad

*$25 last minute design fee, applied when the design of an ActiviTV ad is requested within one week of ActiviTV air date
*$25 multiple proof request fee, applied after requesting 3 or more different proofs


In order to be viewable on ActiviTV screens, submitted files must comply with the following specs:

  • Size: 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high, 72 dpi, max 80mb

  • Format: png, gif, jpg, or jpeg only (no Powerpoint, Word, or PDF files)