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2017-2018 Union Board Chair and Board of Directors
2017-2018 Union Board Chair and Board of Directors

Neil Harwani, Carolina Union Board Chair

Neil Harwani will serve as Board Chair of the Carolina Union Board of Directors for 2017-2018.

2017-2018 Carolina Union Board of Directors

Designated Student Members

Neil Harwani, Carolina Union Board Chair

Jordan Bermudez, Carolina Union Board Vice Chair & CUAB President

Elizabeth Adkins, Student Body President

Madelyn Percy, Graduate and Professional Student Federation President

Hiren Gihwala, Residence Hall Association President

Katharine Shriver, Student Congress Speaker


James Street, Board Chair Appointment, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

Tristan Routh, Board Chair Appointment, Student Legal Services 

Joanna Warren, Graduate and Professional Student Federation

Rishi Sharma, Executive Branch

Travis Broadhurst, Student Congress

Chelsea Carter, Carolina Union Employee Forum

Seteena Turner, Student Member At-Large

Appointed Student Organization Representatives

Ayesha Faisal, Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Jessica Bolin, Campus Y

Ricky Marimon, Campus Recreation

Christina Cupello, Panhellenic Council President


Allen O'Barr, Counseling and Psychological Services

Scott Myers, Carolina Dining Services

Tommy Koonce, School of Medicine

Wendell Gilland, Business School

Non-voting Member

Crystal King, Director of the Carolina Union


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