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The Bottom Line
The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is Carolina's personal money management initiative that was designed by students for students to target the unique educational needs of Tar Heels through interactive tools, practical guidance, and concrete resources that you can start using today. The Bottom Line provides regular seminars, group workshops, and 1-on-1 meetings to help students plan for their time both at Carolina and beyond.


Our Vision

Demystifying money matters for all Tar Heels by creating a campus of informed students, faculty, and staff, so that there is a network of support to ensure all members of our community have the same opportunities to achieve financial independence on their terms.


About our Community

Personal financial management is not only important to a successful college experience but it is vital for life after college. Students often make quick decisions, which they literally end up paying for years into the future. At Carolina we want to address this problem through strategically-implemented programming and educational initiatives. A student approached the Carolina Union in the Spring of 2009 to address the issue of financial literacy on our campus. After many conversations with Scholarships & Student Aid, Counseling & Wellness, Housing & Residential Education, students, and other stakeholders The Bottom Line was born. We've provided sessions to a variety of student groups within the Carolina community, including student-athletes, the Senior Class, and various living and learning communities.


Ways to stay connected and get information

Not interested in attending a seminar or just want some information right now on your schedule? The sites below are there for you 24/7!

Follow us on twitter: @bottomlineunc


Want more information?

See our sessions below for a few of our standard seminars but we are also happy to tailor a session to meet you and your group's needs.

Email: to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting, seminar for a small group or student organization (we also do guest lectures!), or to simply ask a question. We are here to help!


Our Sessions

Where Does All of Your Money Go?

This session will help you identify where your money is going, as well as your sources of income. In this session, you will learn how to begin good financial habits and find resources to help you establish a spending plan that fits your unique lifestyle.

Credit: How it Really Works

This session will address the good, the bad, and confusing parts of credit cards. You will learn credit dos and don’ts, as well as how to protect yourself and your identity. This session will also highlight the differences between credit scores and reports and demystify both concepts so that you can be in control.

Live Your Life: College on a Budget

TI and Rihanna never sang truer lyrics. This session will help you learn the importance of making good decisions and developing habits while in school that will make life much easier down the road. Explore needs versus wants and what really drives your purchase decisions.  You will also learn how to set realistic financial goals for yourself, with banking tips provided as an added bonus.

“I Wanna Be a Billionaire So Freaking Bad”

Forget the lottery tickets, you just need to understand the power of interest, good decision-making, and a little discipline. In this session, you will learn real ways to save money while in college and gain understanding of savings options, such as interest-bearing checking accounts, CD’s, and even Roth IRA’s. Yes, it is not too early to think about an IRA.

“Shouting N.C.U.” Prepare for Life After Carolina

How far will that $50K salary go in NYC? Whether you are graduating this May or next year, it is never too early to think about your transition to the world of work. Cost of living, benefits, retirement plans, leases, car loans -- make sense of all it with this session. Bonus: Job search etiquette

Taxes and Savings: Practical Tips

What do taxes and savings have to do with each other? If you don’t know, that is why you should take this seminar. We will discuss a few taxes and the entities that collect your money (hint: it is not just the Federal government). We will also walk through a basic tax return, so that you can see how the various types of income impact what you will owe Uncle Sam. You’ll also learn about the time value of money as it relates to purchasing decisions - decisions like whether or not to go to Graduate School!

Carolina Women: Let’s talk Money

Women talk about everything from boyfriends, to school, to family, to health issues – among girlfriends nothing is really off limits. But money is one topic that is rarely discussed. Carolina is attempting to change that by starting a dialogue about your money, with the aim of giving Tar Heels the tools to make smart financial choices now and for years beyond Carolina.